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International Civil Law Notary 

Not a Notary Public!

Joel Stewart is qualified to work in the field of International Civil Law Notary.

Having been specially appointed by The Secretariat of the State of Florida, Mr. Stewart is authorized to certify documents as an international notary for various legal actions around the globe, as long as the specific country is a signatory to the Hague Convention on Apostilles. Such documents will be accepted in foreign countries without any additional requirements, as if they were notarized by the notary of the country in which the legal action is to be performed.

There are about 125 international civil notaries in the USA, one of which is Joel Stewart.

It is important not to confuse the status of an international notary in civil matters with an ordinary notary, also known as a notary public, which can be any person who has reached the age of 18 and has completed a 3-hour educational course.


A notary public is not responsible for the content of the document, but only for certification of the authenticity of the client's signature on the document.

An international notary in civil cases must be a lawyer in good standing with at least 5 years of membership in the Florida State Bar Association and be appointed by the Florida Secretary of State to perform a wide range of notarial actions.

International notary Joel Stewart has extensive experience in drafting legal documents, translating them into Russian, checking them for compliance with the law of a foreign state, certifying international transactions and consulting clients on foreign law issues.

How We Can Help!

Mr. Joel Stewart is authorized to perform the following notarial actions:

  • Certification of transactions with a real estate object, a car and other property located on the territory of a Hague Convention signatory.

  • Drafting and notarization of a power of attorney for various legal actions;

  • Drawing up and certifying a will, an application for inheritance;

  • Attesting the fidelity of a copy of the document;

  • Attesting the authenticity of the signature on the document;

  • Witnessing the interrogation of a witness for the subsequent submission of a document (affidavit) to a foreign court session;

  • A certificate of the fact that a person is in a certain place or possesses specific characteristics.

  • Perform marriages anywhere in the world.

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