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Consultation Policy

Consultation Policy

In addition to adhering to the ethics required by federal and local bar associations, our office always puts your best interest first. The commitment begins with the initial contact with you and consists of a three-tier structure. All communications are held in strictest confidence. 

Preliminary Consultation: You must fill out an on-line consultation form to provide a brief explanation of yourself & your legal issues. We will then advise you if we feel qualified to provide assistance. There is no fee for this preliminary consultation. 

In-Depth Consultation:  We will provide an opinion and recommendations based on an analysis of your problems and make recommendations for legal assistance. A fee is charged for this service. The amount of the fee for will depend on the complexity of the case, including review of your documents, research of the laws, and a personal discussion with you. 

Legal Representation: An estimate of expected fees for our services (or range of fee) and out-of-pocket expenses will be provided for you to consider becoming a client of Joel Stewart, P.A.

Additional Information:  Most appointments are virtual on Zoom, Facetime, Skype. or some other application. In-Person consultations may be available as well, because Mr. Stewart travels frequently at throughout the United States and abroad. 

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