How to Request a Consultation

in Three Steps

Consultation Policy. You may request a virtual or in-person appointment. Please read the details to understand the tiers of assistance we have available to clients .

Consultation Request. Once you understand our policy, you may schedule an appointment using the appointment form and pay by credit card online.

If your request for a consultation is approved, a payment of $100 for an initial consultation (Tier One) is required. See Consultation Policy Above. 

The email address of the office is, however, if you want to schedule a consultation, you must follow the the three steps above.

Please visit our linked in page for further information about our professional profile and past accomplishments. 

You may add your name to our twitter account to receive up-to-date messages about changing laws and career opportunities. 

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Our Facebook page is not used for professional services, but you may ask to be friended to receive interesting updates about our social activities. 

Our Philosophy

In addition to adhering to the ethics required by federal and local bar associations, our office always puts the client’s best interest first. Our clients are required to be flexible that immigration laws change rapidly and that strategies for applications and petitions are unpredictable.