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Joel Stewart, PA


Immigration Law

Counseling and Strategies

Since 1980


Petitions, Requests for Evidence, Motions to Reconsider, & Appeals


Student Visas, Practical Training, Internships & Work Authorization

Employment Immigration

PERM, I-140 Petitions, Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing

Our Team

Joel Stewart is an American lawyer licensed in state and federal courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, since 1980 with more than 40 years experience. Before receiving a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law,  He is Past President of the South Florida Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and is a nationally recognized authority on employment-based immigration matters as well as a popular contributor of scholarly articles to workshops and conferences. Mr. Stewart has been a frequent and popular speaker at national, local, and international bar associations and seminars. He is editor of The Perm Book, the definitive authority on the subject of PERM processing of labor certification, and has written technical summaries for the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals since 1987. 

Therese Stewart is an American lawyer and a pedagogue with a Doctorate degree from Columbia in University in Curriculum Studies, graduate study at Stanford University, and a Master's Degree in Teaching Mathematics from Harvard University.  Her academic expertise provides a unique ability to identify skill sets, combinations of general and vocational course materials, and special skills which must be used in the preparation of employment based immigration cases  Dr. Stewart provides career orientations to foreign students who wish to study, obtain an internship, or internationalize their careers. She is head of the Harvard Schools Committee in Broward County, Florida, and serves as legal advisor to the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco as well as serving as office manager for Joel Stewart, PA. 

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Fakhoury Global Immigration (FGI) is a prestigious employment based international law firm based in Michigan with offices in the U.S., India, and around the world. Joel Stewart is of counsel to FGI where he serves as senior legal strategist and provides advice on cutting edge issues in PERM labor certification, I140 immigrant visa petitions, adjustment of status, and consular processing. FGI also provides services for worldwide migration throughout all five continents and is represented by Mr. Stewart who assists clients from Brazil and other countries around the world. 

Consultations Available

Commitment to Clients

In addition to adhering to the ethics required by federal and local bar associations, our office always puts the client’s best interest first. Our clients are required to be flexible that immigration laws change rapidly and that strategies for applications and petitions are unpredictable.

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