Perm Labor Certification

What Is Perm Labor Certification?

A Perm Labor Certification is a document issued to an employer by the U.S. Department of Labor to permit the employer to invite a foreign worker to perform the job duties for a specific job opportunity.  The term "PERM" means Permanent Electronic Record Management and refers to a new type of application process that started in 2005  Applications are filed on-line and reviewed electronically for faster decisions and greater efficiency. 

How We Help

Only employers are permitted to engage the services of an attorney to file a PERM application.  The DOL made this rule to prevent foreign workers from influencing the employer's decisions to consider U.S. workers qualified  for the job opportunity instead of the foreign worker. Foreign workers my not pay for any of the expenses associated with a PERM application, such as newspaper ads and other forms of recruitment. 

What Is Our Philosophy?

In addition to adhering to the ethics required by federal and local bar associations, our office always puts the client’s best interest first. Our clients are required to be flexible that immigration laws change rapidly and that strategies for applications and petitions are unpredictable.