Career Planning & Study Abroad

What Is Career Planning & Study Abroad?

Career planning abroad may involve programs of education, experience, training, special skills, and licensing.  While programs in the U.S. are normally paid for by private funds, there are some opportunities for scholarships, work-study, reduced costs, tax benefits, and economic hardship..  

How We Help

Foreign students, exchange visitors, trainees, professionals, and others may find it difficult to understand all the different kinds of opportunities available to work or study in the United States. Many private and public work and study programs are offered by private and public institutions, but some may require participants to return to their home country for two years. 

Another area of great interest is the opportunity to work in the US, either as a student, intern, or trainee in the work force.  Work permits may be obtained for some, but for others only training visas or voluntary work may be permitted.

What Is Our Philosophy?

In addition to adhering to all the ethical requirements of federal and local bar associations, our office always puts the client’s best interest first. Our clients understand that immigration laws change rapidly and, therefore, that strategies for applications and petitions are unpredictable.