Family Immigration

What Is Family Immigration?

Family members who may receive immigration benefits include, spouses, children under 21, sons and daughters (children over 21, married sons and daughters and their families, siblings (both brothers and sisters), and parentt Both permanent resident aliens and citizens may petition for spouses and unmarried children, but only citizens may petition for married children, siblings, and parents. 

How We Help

Many citizens and permanent residents apply for their foreign relatives without the assistance of an attorney.  Government agencies like USCIS, DOS, DOL, and others, provide information to the public. In some cases, attorneys may not be required. There is an unfounded believe that an attorney can speed up a lengthy immigration process, but this is not necessarily true. 

There are situations, however, where an applicant and their family may encounter serious problems if they do not have  competent assistance.  An applicant may choose to hire an attorney to prepare the entire immigration case without including a personal appearance at the immigration interview, or an attorney may also accompany their client to interviews -- except for appointments at US consulates abroad where attorneys may not customarily attend in-person interviews. 

What Is Our Philosophy?

In addition to adhering to the ethics required by federal and local bar associations, our office always puts the client’s best interest first. Our clients are required to be flexible that immigration laws change rapidly and that strategies for applications and petitions are unpredictable.